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Fire Damage Testimonials

Very nice - good job! 10 out of 10

The techs were awesome! Extremely professional and friendly. Thank you SERVPRO. 10 out of 10

10 out of 10!  The entire team was great to work with during this situation.

The technicians worked hard...did a terrific job!

Puffback damage due to a forced air heating system malfunctioning really wrecked havoc on my home.  Walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture and curtains were coated with a fine film of soot and smoky streaks.  The extent of the damage was because the duct work provided a path through the house, even into closets.

Trust me you are not able to clean this up without professional help. The experts at SERVPRO of West Chester (SPWC) used very specific techniques and materials. For example, attempts to wash soot off a flat-painted wall or ceiling usually leave greasy smears. The SERVPRO of West Chester cleaners used waterless, rubber sponges that work like an eraser and absorb the soot without spreading it.

Cleaning carpets, upholstery or draperies can be tricky, but not for SERVPRO of West Chester. They informed me that these items must be washed or chemically cleaned, depending on the material and how dense the absorbed soot is. I'm so glad I didn't make any amateurish attempts at trying to do the job myself first. My insurance agent directed me in the right way. 

We were completely satisfied with the level of integrity and diligence from every member of the SERVPRO of West Chester team. The precision and methodology of their work is to be commended. Thank you SERVPRO of West Chester for all you did for us. 

Your SERVPRO men helped us with our rental unit that incurred severe fire damage. They kept us current as to the work status, always leaving us word as to when they'd be there and generally keeping us up to date. Thanks for your support and being very professional as a team. Continued Success.