If you have a fire or water emergency, please call us now at (610) 692-8884

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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

When the bathtub overflows, don’t just watch as water goes, Call SERVPRO of West Chester

SERVPRO of West Chester: Expertise in Restoration and Repair, Not Poetry

The main title is what passes for poetry in the restoration/remediation industry, and we are both proud and ashamed to admit that it is one of the industry’s better efforts.

Fortunately, West Goshen residents are not likely to have doggerel emergencies. We’re much better at handling water emergencies.

If a child’s bathtub sea-battle re-enactments turn into enormous indoor floods, call us at 610-692-8884.

SERVPRO® of West Chester is available for emergencies 24/7. Don’t worry how to schedule emergencies during business hours. We’ll come to you no matter what time of day or night.

Too Strange to be True?

No, it isn’t.  At SERVPRO of West Chester, we have training and experience in all of the usual disasters, and experience in the unusual ones. We know, for example, what happens when someone drops a bath-bomb in the jet tub. We don’t want you to experience it yourself, so we’ll tell you: lots of smell, lots of suds, lots of water on the floor, lots of water on the ceiling below the room that has the tub, lots of water on the floor of the room with the ceiling below the tub,… Never mind, just don’t try it at home.

You get it.

Usual Suspects

Overflowing tubs are not unusual. When there is a big overflow with more water than the extra towels can handle, call SERVPRO of West Chester to extract the water, dry the excess hidden moisture, and remediate any damage to the walls or floors.

If there has been a slow leak for a long time, there may be damage hidden behind the walls or in the subflooring. We’ll find it, and we’ll take care of the damage so the water damage looks "Like it never even happened."®

Tub overflows usually happen for any of the following reasons:

  • The main drain is clogged. The drain at the bottom of the tub may get clogged with hair, soap, or toys.
  • The over-flow drain is clogged. While the main drain has a stopper so the tub can fill, the overflow drain does not. There are devices that close the overflow drain, supposedly allowing a bath-taker to enjoy a luxurious soak, but perhaps to encourage home-owners to buy new flooring.
  • The drain pipes are clogged. Both drains empty into one pipe. If the tub is slow to drain, there may be a clog in the pipe.
  • Someone fills the tub to the overflow drain before getting in the tub. If that happens once, cleaning up is easy. It won’t be a problem if the person cleans up the excess water every time, but no one is perfect.

If the tub overflow is out control, call SERVPRO of West Chester at 610-692-8884.