Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Extensive Mold in Empty Apartment

This apartment complex in West Chester discovered extensive mold growth in one of their vacant units, thanks to high humidity and little ventilation. Businesses... READ MORE

Mold in Apartment

This opened up wall reveals a mold infestation in this West Chester area apartment. Water leakage from a line caused the dormant mold spores to develop into lar... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold

Mold damage in this kitchen permeated the entire area. The before picture shows the containment area we constructed to keep mold spores from traveling throughou... READ MORE

Mold Growth behind Washing Machine

Our client noticed some water damage in her master bedroom closet. Her laundry room was on the other side so she decided to have her washing machine checked and... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Crawl Space

This customer's home in West Chester had some previous water damage. The customer did not feel that the structure was dried properly. The water damage had affe... READ MORE

Mold in West Chester

Sometimes our calls seem to be routine. Sometimes our calls make us "heroes". It doesn't matter how big the area is - if it affects your life, we want to take c... READ MORE